Friday, November 21, 2014

Electric Razor Fixed

We have a Remington Precision electric razor that my wife uses to cut the kid's hair.  The other day it started acting up.  Wiggling the wire would make it turn on or off.  Obviously, there was a break in the wire.

I was at the Milwaukee Makerspace tonight and brought the razor to repair.  It took me about an hour to do the work but I think I fixed it.

There is only one screw holding the case together.  After removing the screw, the case comes apart with a bit of coaxing.

One of the wires on the power cable connects directly to the power switch.  The other wire is connected to a wire from the razor via a crimp connector.  The first step was to de-solder the wire from the power switch.  I could not find any de-soldering wick so I just applied some heat and forced the wire off.

Rather than cut the wires going into the connector and shortening the one from the razor, I used a vise to expand the connector and remove the wires.  That was surprisingly easy.

After disconnecting the power cable from the razor, I cut the wire just below where I thought the break in the cable was.  Next, I stripped about one inch off of the end of each cable.  The existing cable was tied in a knot that looked like a pretzel.  I tied the end of the remaining cable into a similar knot.

The final steps were to reconnect the individual wires to the switch and the razor.  I soldered one wire to the switch.  The other wire was connected to the wire from the razor.  I was able to use the original connector and re-crimp it.

I tested the razor and it appears to work!  Looks like I saved $30 by fixing it myself at the Makerspace.

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