Sunday, December 14, 2014

Possible Smoked Moteino

As I mentioned in my last post, I inadvertently plugged power into the GND pin on one of my brand new Moteinos.  There was a small puff of smoke and I quickly unplugged the power.  However, I had a bad feeling that I just ruined my $20 device.

I tested the Moteino to see if anything still worked.  First, I plugged in the FTDI adapter and used a USB cable to connect the Moteino to my PC.  The Arduino IDE software saw the board.  I uploaded the "Fade" example sketch to the Moteino.  It worked.

Next, I loaded the TxRxBlinky example sketch for the Moteino.  I was able to use the Moteino as a Sender device.  I assume that means that the transceiver is also working.

Finally, I used a multimeter to check the voltages.  The Lithium battery I had hooked up was sending 6.27 volts to the Moteino VIN pin.  The 3.3 pin on the Moteino was putting out 3.31 volts.  This means that the regulator in the Moteino is also working.

I think everything is working.  I'm going to try using this Moteino as the main receiver on my Home Environmental Sensor Array.

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