Friday, May 15, 2015

Raspberry Pi Based Photo Booth -- Introduction

The Milwaukee Makerspace got some new Raspberry Pi 2 computers to use in a build night.  We are supposed to make something cool with the Pi and the Adafruit Perma Proto Pi hat.  I'm going to try making a photo booth for new members at the Makerspace.

The main idea for this came from this website:

The main software for this will be gphoto2.  Here are the steps for how the solution will work.
  1. Press start button.
  2. Turn on camera.  
  3. Display image from the camera on the screen.
  4. If timeout, power down.
  5. Push a button to take the picture.
  6. Display picture and wait for response.
    1. Delete
    2. Continue
    3. Timeout
  7. If delete or timeout, delete picture.
  8. If continue, 
    1. Print picture
    2. Send picture to Makerspace web site
  9. Return to step #3
Components needed
  • Raspberry Pi with power supply
  • Camera with usb interface
  • Start button
  • LED display
  • Monitor
  • Printer
  • Internet connection
Have one big button that starts the process.  Turn on the camera.  Display a countdown.  Take a picture and use it.

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