Friday, January 1, 2016

Electric Toothbrush Storage

I have an electronic toothbrush.  There is no good way to store it.  The toothbrush is too big to fit in a normal toothbrush holder.  Having the toothbrush standup on the sink is not good because the water builds up on the bottom and creates slime.

I saw an article in a Family Handyman magazine about how to store an electronic toothbrush on a wall using a strip of metal and a magnet.  The article mentioned connecting a strip of metal to a wall, then using a neodymium magnet to attach to the metal.   The toothbrush simply clings to the magnet because it has metal in it.

I happen to have a bunch of neodymium magnets from computer hard drives in my stash of junk.  Those magnets are very strong and are attached to pieces of metal that have built-in mounting holes.  I attached one of those magnets to the wall in my bathroom using drywall screws.

One added benefit is that the magnet appears to charge the battery in the toothbrush.

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