Friday, December 29, 2017

Setting up an EdgeRouter, Follow-up 1

As mentioned in previous posts, I purchased and setup an  EdgeRouter X from Ubiquiti.  That all went relatively well and the device has been performing great. 

Minor Performance Issues
Well, I did have a few instances where the internet port kept getting disconnected.  This happened twice.  Both times, it was later at night.  I just stopped using the internet and went to bed.  No one else complained so, it was no big deal.  However, I'll have to keep an eye on it.  I'd like to find a way to record the log file entries in a database.

Rules Update
Last time, I created rules for all of the devices on my network.  I decided to make rules for all devices, not just the ones I blocked.  For now, there are some rules that block kids devices overnight.  In the future, I will change the main ruleset to drop all traffic.  Then, I will change the individual rules to allow traffic during specific times.  This will keep the kids from spoofing their MAC address or using "unauthorized" devices.

I may also make an additional rule to allow access to any device during daylight hours for any guests that come over.  On the other hand, almost everyone who comes over has a phone with a data plan so it probably is unnecessary

Configuration Backed Up
Today, I backed up the configuration.  That was very easy.  I probably should test it by restoring it but I'm scared I will brick the router.

System Image Upgraded
Finally, I downloaded the latest system image from the Ubiquiti web site and installed it.  That also went smoothly.  Interestingly, the options that were missing compared the manual are now there.  For example, there is now a "Basic Setup" wizard option.  I guess I should have done a system image update before I did any another configuration.

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