Friday, September 27, 2013

3D Printing and Rapberry Pi Washouts

Stopped off at the Milwaukee Makerspace for my weekly attempt at learning something new.

I tried getting the Replicator 3D printer to print something and again failed at that.  I took about 30 minutes to apply Kapton tape to the printing surface.  That did not come out great but it is on.  Next, I tried leveling the surface several times.  I could not get it to print anything.  The filament will not stick to the surface.

Next, I moved on to working on my Raspberry pi.  I want to install Avahi to route Bonjour traffic on the Star network.  Avahi installed with no problem but that was as far as I got.  The message I got said that might need to install PROCFS.  Not sure if I can do this on the pi.

Not sure if I made any progress but I guess there will always be nights like this.

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