Friday, August 9, 2013

A Bit More 3D Printing

I spent a few more hours at the Makerspace tonight trying to print more Tardis parts.  This time, I changed the Infill setting on the Makerbot Replicator to 0% and raised the temperature on the stepstruder to 235 degrees Celsius.  It seemed to complete the side panels more than it did the first time but they still are not 100% complete (see the picture below).  It did not fill on all the gaps.  Not sure why.

When I got to the space, someone was printing Star Trek badges.  However, the extruder was blocked and not printing anymore.  I took some time to print eight of the badges (see below).

Finally, I bought a BeagleBone Black the other day.  It arrived yesterday and I fired it up tonight.  Plugged the included USB cable into my laptop running Ubuntu Linux.  The computer found the board just fine.  However, I could not get Cloud9 to show me any of the code installed on the Black.

Someday, I hope to install this in my Home Environmental Sensor Array instead of the Raspberry Pi.

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