Friday, January 10, 2014

Started Setting up Raspberry Pi for Star

The Raspberry Pi for the Avahi / Bonjour server at Star arrived today.  I started setting it up.

I took everything out of the box and put the RPi in its acrylic case.  I bought an SD card with the RPi that had NOOBS v1.2.1 pre-installed.  After inserting the card and powering up the Pi, the NOOBS software started.  I picked the Raspbian installation and sat back while it did the install.  It took about twenty minutes.

When the Pi started, it ran the first-time configuration program.  I did the following:

  • Changed the pi user password
  • Picked the english US locale en_US.UTF-8.  For some dumb reason, you cannot uncheck the UK locale.  You have to use both US and UK.
I did not need to expand the file system because NOOBS did that already.

Next, I ran sudo upgrade and sudo update.  There was nothing to upgrade but it did perform some updates.

Changed the hostname to star-avahi.  I had to edit the /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts file with the hostname.  I found out that you can't use an underscore in the host name.

I asked Bob for what user name and password he thinks should be setup on the Pi.

IP Address
The /etc/network/interfaces file to have a static ip address instead of using DHCP.  I commented out the dhcp line and added these lines.

iface eth0 inet static

When I get a permanent IP address for the Avahi device, I can change the settings.

Finally, I installed the Avahi client for Ubuntu.  Full instructions are here.  I was able to ping the RPi using star-avahi.local.  So, Avahi works.

Next: install the Pi on the Star network.

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