Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wobbly chess piece printing

I stopped off at the Makerspace this morning to pick up the Wobbly chess pieces I started printing yesternight.  Four of the pieces finished printing but the King, Queen, and two Bishops did not.

The spool of filament had fallen off the rack and the wood dowel slid out. I suppose that means that the filament was stuck on the spool and got pulled off the rack.  That's a lot of force pulling on the filament.

The Makerspace got the PLA filament for free from some company that makes filament. Maybe that sticky rolls is why they donated it. Actually, it's not that bad as long as I keep loosening the filament on the spool every few minutes. I tried loosening as much of the spool as I could before I left last night but I guess it was not enough to last the entire print.

Oh well. The description on Thingiverse said that printing all of the pieces is a challenge.  I'll have to print only a few pieces at a time.

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