Saturday, January 4, 2014

Updating the O/S on the BeagleBone Black

A few days ago, I worked on my BeagleBone Black (BBB) but I did not make a post until now.

I bought a 16gb micro-SD card on the way home from work.  Now, I can update the Angstrom distribution on the BBB.  First, I downloaded the "Angstrom Distribution for BeagleBone Black - 2GB eMMC" dated 2013-09-04.

Next, I downloaded and installed 7-Zip.  I got the 64-bit version for Windows.  I used 7-Zip to unzip the img file.  The Win32DiskImager tool was used to put the image on the 16gb micro-SD card.  I had to use the SD adapter that the micro-SD card came with.  At first, I tried an older SD adapter and the computer kept saying that the card was read-only.  That was strange.

(My AV software said that a trojan horse program was also in the 7-zip install package.  It deleted the virus and 7-zip worked just fine.  More weirdness.)

After putting the image on the micro-SD card, I inserted it into the BBB, and applied power from an external 5v power supply while holding down the boot button.  The activity lights started blinking like they normally do.  I was not sure if it was working or not so I left it alone for about an hour.  I expected to come back and see all four activity lights on steady.  They were all still flashing away.  

So, either
a) the flash did not work
b) the flash was still going after an hour
c) the flash worked but the four lights did not stay on steady.

When I have some time, I will check the micro-SD card on a PC to see what version of the distribution is on it.

Maybe I need to format the micro-SD card first, then copy the distribution to it, then flash the BBB.  This is a lower priority project for me right now so I might not get to it until after I get a few other things done.

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