Friday, March 7, 2014

Miscellaneous 3D Printing

While at the Makerspace, I 3D printed a couple of objects (or at least attempted to).  The Makerbot was being very temperamental tonight.  I had to take it apart to remove a piece of filament that was stuck on the filament input from a previous print.  It also kept losing connection to the PC.  I would reboot the PC and it would print for a few minutes and then just stop.  Also, the computer in the 3D printing area would not write to an SD card.  I had to use my trusty Linux laptop to write the gcode for the prints to an SD card.  Finally, I think there was something wrong with the filament.  It just would not extrude consistently.  I did get stuff printed but the pieces were rough.

The first thing I printed is a small piece to hold a 3.5mm hard drive for an Xbox 360 S.  I am hoping to find a cheap or free hard drive that we can install in my son's Xbox.  (If you have one you don't want anymore, let me know.)  This piece would hold the drive in place.  I found the design for the hard drive case on Thingiverse.

The next thing I tried to print was a small case for a Raspberry Pi.  I found this design on Thingiverse as well.  For some reason, it did not turn out at all like it was supposed to.  The picture below shows how the print is supposed to look.

This is what actually printed.  I did not get any errors and the printer says the job finished completely. Not sure what happened.  The actual print did not have any walls.  Oh well.  I'll try a different design next time.

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