Friday, March 14, 2014

Updated Angstrom Distro on BeagleBone Black

I worked on my BeagleBone Black at the Milwaukee Makerspace tonight.  My goal was to update the Angstrom distribution to the 2013-09-04 version.  The first thing I did was plug the BBB into my Linux laptop via the USB cable.  I tried connecting to it through the browser but Chrome did not see it at the default IP address.   Hmmm......

Looking at the board a bit closer, I noticed that the LED signifying activity on the SD card was flashing as well as the CPU activity LED, and the eMMC LED.  Hmmm.....

The SD card had the Angstrom distribution on it.  It looked like the BBB was updating the distribution files on the eMMC.  I thought that I had to hold down the Boot button while applying power to start the update process but I had not done that.  I decided to wait 45 minutes or so and see what happened.

About an hour later, all four LEDs were lit up.  That means that the upgrade process completed successfully.  I unplugged the power, removed the SD card, and replugged the BBB to the USB cable.  This time, when it powered up, the Linux saw the BBB as an external drive.  I was able to use ssh to login to the BBB.

I need to figure out how to know what version of the Angstrom distribution is on the BBB.

Next step is to download the Ubuntu image to boot off of the SD card.

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