Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Maker meeting

I went to another Milwaukee Maker meeting tonight. It was better than last time. One reason was because my friend Dave met me there. Also, the people seemed to be a bit more open. Maybe I was in a better mood. Maybe there were more people there so everyone was more friendly. Who knows? Overall, it was a good time.

I got some ideas for my water sensor and am excited to try them out. I am also hoping to make a case for my rocket launcher. Maybe I can get help with both projects.

Finally, the welding guy said he would help me fix the broken rung on my scaffold. If I am a member he will let me do it myself. Very cool!

I think I will apply for the free summer membership. Maybe that will be my sign about whether I should do this or not. If I get the free membership it is meant to be. Otherwise, maybe not.

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