Monday, May 27, 2013

Power Switch Tail arrived

The power switch tail arrived in the mail on Saturday. I have to assemble it. The parts are just in the box. I looked at the instructions online and they are basically a schematic and that's it. This will be a big challenge for me. I hope Matt or someone from the Makers can help me figure it out.

Speaking of the Makers, I applied for their Makership membership. It is a free three month membership. It would be great to get the membership but my project certainly does not deserve it. I would not pick me if I were them but who knows. It's worth a shot.

Finally, I installed the LAMP applications on my raspberry pi. I would like to make it my development server since it will be on all the time. For now, the applications are installed. Apache works. I need to move all of my files over setup my database tables and get the websites working. That will be a side project when I can't work on the main sensor project.

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