Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Raspberry PI Arrived!

The raspberry pi arrived today (13 May). At first, I could not get it to boot up. The lights came on but nothing else happened. I rebuilt the Sd card. That did not work. Next, I installed the Linux distro on a different Sd card. Still nothing. Finally, I used a Windows PC to create the SD card and it worked.

After successfully booting, I did the following:
  • Did some basic config
  • Connected to internet
  • Attempted to update Linux. It partially worked. I think my Internet connection is flaky.
  • Installed python update for gpio
  • Tested ssh. It works. Connected to the pi from my linux laptop and ran some python programs.
  • Tested X windows. It works

This morning, I created an email address on my web site named factotum.  That email address will forward mail to my gmail address and to my cell phone.

That's it for the first night. 

Here are some pictures.

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