Friday, November 22, 2013

Enclosure for HESA

Now that I finished the circuit board to detect water for my Home Environmental Sensor Array, I started working on the enclosure.  (I was hoping to use a power supply from an old computer but it is too small.)  I was at the Milwaukee Makerspace today and found a box that would make a good enclosure.  One problem is that it does not have a front piece.

Jim, another member at the 'space, had an idea to make a front piece from acrylic.  We quickly cut the piece on a circular saw.  Then, we cut a notch in the top where the LED is.  The piece slides under the top lip.  Finally, we drilled holes on the sides to attach the acrylic to the box.  Thanks for all the help, Jim.

The acrylic piece has some blue cellophane on it to protect the acrylic.  I will remove that later after I have everything installed.

The next step will be to cut a piece of wood for the main part of the enclosure.  Maybe I will use the CNC router just for fun.  I will attach the wood to the enclosure, then attach components like the Powerswitch Tail to the wood.  This enclosure should be big enough for future enhancements as well.

 Another great day at the Makerspace.

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