Saturday, November 30, 2013

New Maker Podcast

I like to listen to podcasts while in the car. Just this weekend I found a new Maker - oriented podcast called, the "Gadget Makers Blog". The description on the blog's website says, "Articles, tutorials & how-tos on electronics, Arduino, 3d printing, and more."

There are only two episodes so far. The first was a general discussion about the author's recent Kickstarter product named Recap as well as some general electronics talk.

The second episode talks about how the author bought some fake chips from Ali Baba, the Chinese I found this episode to be pretty interesting. I have heard of Ali Baba's but never bought anything from them. I don't think I will after hearing about this.

I'm definitely going to keep listening to this podcast. If you know of any other interesting Maker or novice electronics podcasts please post a comment.

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