Wednesday, December 25, 2013

HESA Installed in Basement

Today, I spent about an hour installing the Home Environmental Sensor Array in my basement.  I know.  It's CHRISTmas day.  But, I had some time before the in-laws came over for lunch, and I borrowed my brother-in-law's hammer drill over the weekend.  I wanted to use the drill and give it to my in-laws to take back with them since my brother-in-law lives near them.

I drilled two holes in the wall with the hammer drill and screwed in two screws.  I had to put nuts on the screws to keep the enclosure from falling off.  The screw heads were smaller then the opening.

After hanging the HESA on the wall, I ran a network cable from my network hub in another room in the basement to the HESA.  I did not have any male connectors so I put a CAT5 keystone jack on each end.  Then, I plugged cables in to each keystone jack.  That is not ideal but I wanted to get it done.

I plugged everything in to the enclosure and fired up the power.  All the lights on the pi turned on and blinked as expected.  I also plugged a night light in to the duplex power switch that the water softener is also plugged into.  When the night light is on, the water softener has power as well.

Finally, I connected the cable that will detect water to the bottom of the enclosure.  I started the program that looks for water and tested it.  It works!

Phase one is now 95% done.  I need to wrap up a few loose ends and then, I can move on to something else.

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