Wednesday, December 25, 2013

HESA program now starts automatically and updates a local web page

I made two small changes to the HESA program on my Home Environmental Sensor Array.  First, the raspberry pi will now execute the HESA program when it starts up.  No one has to be logged in for it to run.  This was accomplished by modifying the /etc/rc.local script.  I added this line to the script.

sudo python /home/pi/python/

Also, I added some code to the python script so it will update a local web page with the current status of the HESA.  The code updates the web page every 10 minutes (more-or-less).  For now, this will let me check to make sure the HESA is working without having to go into the basement.  In phase 2, I would like to have the program update a web page on the internet and possibly a database.

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