Saturday, December 7, 2013

Started Making a Wizards Staff

My son is going to play a wizard in a high school play in January.  He wants a staff to use as a prop.  We are going to make a staff based on an Instructable for Gandalf's staff.

I went to Michaels and bought two three foot (3') long, one inch (1") diameter dowels.  I would have liked to get longer dowels but they did not have any.

I was at the Milwaukee Makerspace yesternight and spent a bit of time connecting the two dowel pieces together.  First, I used the metal cutting bandsaw to cut the head off of a 5/8", six inch long bolt.  Then, I used a hand drill to drill a hole on the end of each of the dowels.  I inserted half of the bolt into one of the dowels.  Then, I put Gorilla Glue on the other half of the bolt and on the surface of the dowel.  I connected the two pieces and secured them with electrical tape.

The finished staff appears sturdy.  The next step is to cut a bit off of each end to get the height right and then decorate it to look like a tree branch.

(Not sure who that geek in the picture is but the staff looks good.)

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