Saturday, December 28, 2013

LEDs for Tardis

I was at the Milwaukee Makerspace yesternight to look for LEDs and research a circuit for the LEDs to add to the Tardis.

I did find some LEDs that fit in the light holder but there weren't any white ones.  I need five ultra-bright white LEDs.  The power source will be one 9v battery.

I talked to Ron about how to figure out what resistors to use and then did some research on the internet.  I found an Instructable that explains the process.  The Instructable pointed me to a website that will calculate the resistors needed in a five LED array.

Here is one of the schematics that the website came up with.

I tested the circuit on a breadboard and it worked.  None of the LEDs blew up. 

Next, I need to get some ultrabright white LEDs.  I might even have to go to the 'Shack. 

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